About Z-SPAN

The Zoom-Skilled Producer Affiliate Network

We are an affiliated network of Zoom-Skilled producers of Zoom Meetings, Webinars, and Zoom Events. Members are vetted by other members of the group, ensuring that our affiliates have the experience you expect.

Members freely advise potential clients about their capabilities, and recommend other affiliates if a client’s needs would be better served by another affiliate’s background and experience.

Since most affiliate organizations are small or solo businesses, the cost is generally lower than larger consulting firms, more suitable for the needs of non-profit and small business clients with limited event budgets.

Z-SPAN does not, itself, do any consulting work. Z-SPAN members will meet with you and gather information about your needs. If appropriate for their level of experience, areas of expertise, and availability, they might engage with you directly, otherwise they will reach out to the Z-SPAN members and find someone who is a better match for you.

Often, when Z-SPAN members take on larger projects, we will hire assistant staff from fellow members, ensuring that everyone on board has the experience needed.

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Whether you’re interested in becoming a Z-SPAN affiliate, or getting some help with your Zoom needs, a free 30-minute (no sales pitch!) Zoom discussion will get you started.

Not quite ready to meet, but still want more information and an Email address to contact?