About Z-SPAN

The Zoom-Skilled Producer Affiliate Network

We are an affiliated network of Zoom-Skilled producers of Zoom Meetings, Webinars, and Zoom Events. Z-SPAN does not, itself, do any consulting work. We’re mote of a match-making service.

A Z-SPAN member will discuss your needs via a Zoom meeting or a few emails and gather information about your needs. We’ll then go through our member list and find the most appropriate match for you. After a brief introduction, you work directly with them, but you can always come back to Z-SPAN for additional guidance and support.

Since most Z-SPAN members are small or solo businesses, the cost is generally lower than larger consulting firms, more suitable for the needs of non-profit and small business clients with limited event budgets. For larger projects, Z-SPAN member have been known to work together to meet the expanded needs of more complex projects.

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