Meet The Best Consultants From
All Around The World.

Z-SPAN is an affiliate network of Zoom-skilled event producers. We are not Zoom employees, but we are Zoom customers with insight and experience creating engaging Zoom Meetings, Webinars, and Zoom Events/Sessions.


Experienced Event Producers

Using Zoom Products including Meetings, Webinars, and Zoom Events

Meetings & Webinars

Professionally facilitated sessions from an hour to a week or more.

Zoom Events

A multi-session, multi-day packaged event with exhibitor expo.

Zoom Consulting

One-on-one help, training, guidance, and Zoom account review.


Vetted Independent Consultants


Vetted by fellow Z-SPAN members for experience in a variety of Zoom products.


Primarily small and solo businesses with low overhead means lower cost for you.


Our network of affiliates is world-wide and growing!


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Z-SPAN is an independent association of producers and is not owned by or affiliated with Zoom Video Communications, Inc.